Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wake up!


Sleepy Cinnabars (human) sticks hand over edge of bed, cat rubs head on hand. Hand is hastily withdrawn as Cinnabar (cat) nips at it.

*yawn* If you want more pets, rotten, get up on the bed--I know you can.

Cinnabar promptly lands, complete with sharp, hooky claws and the feline faculty for putting entire weight on one paw, on Cinnabars's arm.


Cinnabar paces around head. Head squints at clock, is faintly horrified at the figures 6:55. Hand is again held up for cat to rub on; hand again avoids nibbling teeth. Cinnabar purrs louder; Cinnabars attempts to decide whether she wants crunchy (kibbles) or wet food (nummies). Cinnabar advances to starfish paws on the human's side; Cinnabars notices the other feline presence hovering in the hall and decides on nummies. Cinnabars reaches for watch and glasses case; Cinnabar watches narrowly. Cinnabars puts on glasses and reaches for rings; Cinnabar rubs face on glasses.

Cinnabars finally gets up--7:00 on the dot. Gets to end of bed, then softly calls Cinnabar, who is in the middle of the vacated sheets. Cinnabar gladly follows to kitchen, where nothing more eventful occurs than nummies being put down for both cats.

Cinnabars goes back to her room, where she attempts a bit of reading in bed. No later than 7:10, Cinnabar is concentrating on her from beside the bed. Cinnabars tries to ignore her, on the grounds that she has been fed already. Cinnabar demands attention with a patient (not!) chirrup. Cinnabars expostulates. Cinnabar is imperturbable. Cinnabars gets up, and Cinnabar leads her to the kibble dish. Cinnabars attempts waving a string; Cinnabar stares at the kibble dish. Cinnabars gives up and puts kibbles in the dish for Cinnabar, who purrs as she eats.

--In case you were wondering why my screen name is Cinnabars everywhere, this is why. It's the possessive of Cinnabar.--

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