Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Study

A tale, perhaps, of two desks. A Hyde of desks, and--well, perhaps that would be pushing the metaphor too far.

Here you observe the first desk, a marvelous display of entropy (and this, mind you, is after I picked up the camera, and a small bag that had been covering that only bare scrap of desk there at the front!). My desk is...... not exactly the epitome of tidiness most of the time. You might say.

And here is the grand transformation, after the application of effort for perhaps ten minutes. It is not clear, you note--if you have a sharp eye for that sort of thing you can see much the same stuff round the edges--but with relatively little effort, I think I could now work at my desk! *sounds of shock, amazement, gratified murmurs* I could even put my violin case there, so I was not taking up the entire foot of my bed with it, and feel thus capable of picking it up at odd moments, without having to set it up every flippin' time!

I expect Mom will be thrilled--it still probably can't count as an anniversary present. Sigh. (Tomorrow evening, maybe, sister? We could at least get them a card, and cute plushies.......)

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