Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meditations about Professors

I haven't had a single professor that I didn't like. Curious, isn't it? I have had, in three semesters, only one professor that I didn't particularly gel with--I still like her, don't get me wrong, but given the choice I'll take classes from anyone else. I would probably be fine if all I had to do with her was hang out--fortunately, I'm to the point now that I can pick classes based on which professors I want to study with, as well as what I actually want to study.

I also seem to get far more than my share of cute professors--not that I'm complaining, mind you! I am all in favor of eye candy. ::insert lascivious emoticon here, if you feel that you must:: Even if the professors aren't cute themselves (or not my type--like my psych professor, Dr. Nicole), they have tremendously good taste in TAs. (One such cute TA even had the added attraction of a faint German accent--I think he was from Munich.) Perhaps it's a university-wide plot to keep susceptible students coming to class......

Honestly, though, at least one of these observations have to do with attitude, more than chance. I find professors to be both nice and interesting, because I go to class prepared for them to be, and I don't find them hard and unreasonable, because I go into *every* situation assuming the best. And I suppose that finding my professors and their TAs to be funny, cute, interesting, and so on is just a variation on looking for the best in every situation. But I think I like the university-wide plot idea better than that last one. ;-)