Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a Difference a Shot Makes

My visit to the doctor yesterday concluded with me being prescribed antibiotics and a steroid shot.  I don't know which it was, but I feel much better today!  (I had some variety of crud, probably from never-cleared-up allergies since I've had the same symptoms 4 times in three months.)  I'm coughing more, :-( so biking probably isn't the best of ideas. :-( :-(  A funny aside about the doctor visit--I was knitting, of course, and my project was Ice Queen (this might be a good moment to mention that it isn't as Day-Glo as the pic last post represents--it's a very soft, girly-girl pink).  So Dr. R comes in, comments on my knitting ("We're in trouble if you're allergic to wool," he says) and we get on with the visit.  Before the nurse came in to administer my steroid shot, he popped back in, evidently for the sole purpose of asking what the yarn was.  Definitely a nice doctor.

This is the Garden Gate sock (by the way? Fall '08 knitty. Exchequered is Spring '06)--I have a couple more inches, maybe 2.5, after the heel, but apart from that, this is probably the best pic I'm gonna get for a while. You can see it's not the best yarn for stranded knitting--Tofutsies is beautiful, and soft, and I think I picked the best colors for contrasting that I possibly could, but both yarns are tweedy, and both yarns occasionally have two plies of a light color--so inevitably, sometimes the light, low contrast stretches of each yarn will occur in the same section of knitting for both colors. I think I put that as clearly as possible; I hope so. It's easy to see, hard to explain.

Speaking of Exchequered, this was the only decent picture I got out of five. And it isn't that fabulous, I know. Exchequered is my first foray into double knitting. It features on my project page as "Armguards Reincarnate", because I had promised to knit my sister armguard out of this yarn, and they got knit, and ripped, and knit, and recharted, and knit, and then they languished. So she finally released me from making armguards, per se, in the hopes of actually getting a knitted item in the foreseeable future. This is the result. (Speaking of which, she's going someplace that she'll need a scarf in September..... I'd better get on that.)

This is the FrankenSweater. No links, because it's of my own devising. I know it looks like a scarf now, but eventually, that will be a shawl collar. I'm thinking I'll do the rest of the sweater in neutrals--there's a fabulous sale at the moment at Joann's, so since I'm using Paton's Classic Wool, I'll be buying the rest of the yarn for Frankie this week.

And this is the Greyflower, except it's more tan. I am knitting it according to a recipe on the TsockTsarina's blog, in every particular except that I'm knitting it in laceweight instead of a light-ish fingering. It will almost certainly be longer than the Tsarina's, given that I intend to knit until I run out of yarn and I currently have, oh, about half the yarn left still. You can see from the second shot that it's a substantial length already--between 36 & 48 inches, unblocked--I think I'll hit Lisa's recommended minimum length of 80 inches, blocked, easily.

That's the roll call, then, of projects I'm knitting at the moment, complete with pictures and links. I'm thinking I'll start Baroque soonish--soon enough to qualify for a SockDown! May entry on Sock Knitters Anonymous--out of a lovely green Panda Silk, but I'll concentrate some more on Kiila first. TTYS!

Edited because I forgot, this time, one I remembered last time--Erste Pullover, the Aspen Top-down Sweater from Knitting Classic Style.

I remembered to take a pic, at leat..... I know it looks really long and thin, but that's mostly because it's a sweater in 1 by 1 twisted rib. I mean, there are some cables, yes, but basically, 1x1 rib. I did knit the body an ootch longer than specified, because I wanted to be sure it wouldn't gap (I hate sweaters that ride up, with a passion), but only a couple inches.


  1. It's a good scarf--but I still love the idea of armguards. Maybe I'll ask for a different pattern.....

  2. I love looking at WIP pictures. I want to do Exchequered now, too!

  3. Maybe ask for something in fingering/sport weight...... no, I don't know why they get done faster, but they do.

  4. Ooh I plan on making the Garden Gate socks at some point too. ^-^