Thursday, July 22, 2010

Horoscopes--Not everything they're cracked up to be

In light of my most recent blog post, I thought that this article was hysterically funny. So, my birthday is April 16th, which means that apparently I'm an Aries. The first sentence of the article is, "As an Aries, you are the one who gets things started." *snort* Also, apparently I get bored easily--excuse me while I rofl. I joke that if I wasn't easily entertained, I wouldn't knit, but it's true--who would spend hours pulling loops of string through other loops otherwise? Discuss.


  1. I just read my fitness horoscope and while some of the things it says are true, I don't think they're true because I'm a Cancer. I love swimming. Not because I'm a water sign (which is what the article says), but because I grew up in Florida and basically swam every day. I believe that if I hadn't had that opportunity to swim so often as a kid, I wouldn't like it as much now.

    And as for preferring to exercise at home instead of going to the gym? Yes, that's true too. But I think it's mainly because I'm prone to wanting to sit and knit at home instead of getting up and going some place else to exercise. And I don't like having other people around me when I exercise. I don't get to chill if I have to talk to other people while hiking, just as an example.

    So really, as "right" as my horoscope may be, I don't think I'm the way I am because I'm a certain sign. I just happen to fit the profile of a Cancer because horoscopes are so generic. They have to be if they want to sound at all plausible. People believe what they want to believe and if they read and believe in horoscopes, then they'll see what they want to see in them and just ignore the parts that don't apply to them.

    Geez, this is a long reply. Sorry!

  2. Ah, see, I figure that I knit to stave off the boredom. I rarely knit while doing nothing else... I'm either gossiping with friends, reading, watching a movie... I just figure I need more things than many people to keep me from being bored. ;)