Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rhetorical Question

How much of a novice does one have to be, to deflate one's tires with a new pump, instead of inflating them?

As far as I know, no permanent damage has been done, though it did take me all the way across campus to realize that that was why it was handling funny..... Next weekend when I'm back in Tulsa (oh, yeah, school's been in for a week, so I'm in Norman; it's fun--maybe I'll dedicate a post to that tomorrow), we'll take it to Tom's for a tune-up, since I need headlight/rear reflectors since it's my transportation now instead of recreational/exercise vehicle.

Cheers! I'll be a better blogger sometime next century, kay? Too busy with school right now.


  1. hey hey about the tire deflation thing.. at least you noticed it. some people dont (cozy) post pictures of your dorm...

  2. yes, be sure and get pics of the matching bedspreads! And good thing that you got it figured out, hopefully the tires/wheels aren't damaged.

  3. Posting pictures requires having a camera, and even after the emergency run Tuesday, I still don't have one.