Sunday, June 21, 2009

When playing an instrument

--particularly an instrument, a touchy delicate instrument such as the violin--slowing down and calming down work wonders. Not that I would speak from personal experience of needing to slow down or relax or anything, of course.

I worked on the Insani-stocking today, and finished the gusset. No pic, I'm feeling lazy, but also quite pleased. I also worked on the Exchequered ::glances at scarf, blinks:: I knit at least an inch, more like 1.5. Once again, I prove that things do not grow when you knit on them with the power of your mind, but only when you knit with your hands. My perspicuity astounds me.

Speaking of my violin (yes, we were, paragraph before last. Mostly, anyway), there is a story behind me learning violin. (Surprise!) My great-grandfather, better known to me as Gramps, was a professional jazz musician early in his career, before becoming a knife sharpener, and later a show horse breeder.--Not really a stick-to-one-thing kind of family, I suppose; Dad's had one career but dozens of hobbies.....--In time, Gramps died, during one horrible October two years ago, and since Aunt Bev, his daughter and musical child (as opposed to Grandpa Bob, who was a machinist and half deaf at 64) lives in Colorado, the violin came home with my family. Last November it went in to the local music shop and checked out beautifully, so it came home and Mom & I set up my first lessons with a marvelous violin teacher who has been teaching for over 20 years (and has never had a beginning student with a violin this nice).

Happy Fathers Day, Gramps. I'm taking care of your violin.

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